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Textile Auxiliaries Common Info

Textile Auxiliaries Common Info

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Textile auxiliaries are necessary chemicals for the production and processing of textiles. Textile auxiliaries to improve the quality of textile products and added value has an indispensable role, it can not only give the textile a variety of special features and styles, such as soft, wrinkle-free, anti-shrink, waterproof, anti-bacterial, anti-static, Etc., can also improve the dyeing and finishing process, play a role in saving energy and reducing processing costs. Textile auxiliaries to enhance the overall level of the textile industry and the role in the textile industry chain is essential.

Common textile auxiliaries
Scouring agent, dyeing agent, leveling agent, softener, hair effect lifting agent, polyester low temperature dyeing carrier, substitute alkali, CT powder, chemical fiber oil, high efficiency retreat powder, hydrogen peroxide stabilizer, in addition to silicon, Pilling agent, fixing agent and so on.

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