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The Influence Of Dye-Fixing Agent On Cotton Reactive Dyeing Glossiness

The Influence Of Dye-Fixing Agent On Cotton Reactive Dyeing Glossiness

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1. Experimental methods:

1.1 Fabrics
Take 100% refined and bleached cotton single jersey sample from production line , and water wash in the lab, adjust the PH to 6.5.

1.2 Dye
Choose dye SumifixHF,RemazolRR,RemazolRGB  for deep color fabric, and dye SumifixE—XF,CibacronFN,LevailxCA for neutral color fabric. All dye sample is provided by manufacturers for lab study. Though there is some difference in glossiness of fabric with a different dye, we choose the similar ones to study the influence of dye fixing agent on glossiness.

1.3 Dyeing
Dye using the dye machine in lab, keep bath ratio 1:10, and dye the sample according to the standard process recommend by the manufacture.

1.4 Soap Boiling
After alkali fixation, dripping wash 5 mins using running water, using mangle liquid, neutralize use acetic acid until ph reaches 6,  water wash 10min in 95℃ and ph 6,  and then drip wash 5 mins with running water, soap boil 10mins using 2%KaliumNNS and 2%SarakolPS under temperature 98℃ . Add another soap boiling when dye in deeper color, drip wash 10mins using running water under 95℃ , neutralize until Ph reach 6.  Note: use Ph 6.5 soft water in the process of drip washing and soap boiling, and keep bath ratio 1:10. The soap boil efficiency have been approved by previous experiment, which can guarantee that hydrolyze dye is completely removed before the dye-fixing.

1.5 Dye-fixing
Choose 4 types of dye fixing agent, quantity 1%(owf ), keep bath ratio1:10, PH 6, deal the fabric 15mins, dye padders and liquid keep uniform moisture percentage.dry 100% and inspect the moisture content.

1.6 Color Evaluation
Evaluate the DA and DB value using computer color measurement and CELAB equation, and compare with dye-fixing fabric.

1.7 Dye-fixing Agent
Dye-fixing agent 1#: SuperfixAMGNConc, dicyandiamide formaldehyde product;
Dye-fixing agent 2#: SarafixNF504 epichlorohydrin polyamine;
Dye-fixing agent 3#: Sarafix, Apolyethylene polyamine;
Dye-fixing agent 4 #: Sarafix, WP special recipe, ultra-low formaldehyde, stable in water washing fastness test under 70℃.

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