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What Role Does Fixing Agent Play in Fixing Fabrics?

What Role Does Fixing Agent Play in Fixing Fabrics?

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Dye fixing agents is an assistant used to improve the color fastness to wet treatment of dyes on fabrics. Insoluble colors can be formed with dyes on fabrics to improve the color fastness to washing and sweating, and sometimes to insolation. In the category of dye fixing agents, there are many small categories. For example color fixing agent, turquoise blue fixing agent, formaldehyde-free fixing agent, chlorine-resistant bleaching-fixing agent and so on. Different dye fixing agents have different characteristics, such as chlorine-resistant bleaching fixatives and formaldehyde-free fixing agent.

The bleaching-fixing agent can improve the washing fastness after fixing, and the fixing solution has little discoloration, and it can effectively avoid shallow stripping and discoloration. After treated with a chlorine-resistant bleaching-fixing agent, the fastness to soaping and perspiration was significantly improved, and the chlorine-resistant bleaching-fixing agent did not contain formaldehyde, which accorded with the environmental protection performance.

The flare of the treated fabric is minimal and does not affect the original style of the fabric. The aldehyde-free fixing agent can bind with dyes and fibers because of the reactive groups in the molecule, thus improving the fixing effect. It can also improve the wet fastness and washing fastness of direct dyes, reactive dyes or prints without affecting the handle and wettability of dyes.
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