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Acid Reduction Cleaning Powder

Acid Reduction Cleaning Powder

Textile auxiliary chemical acid reduction cleaning powder is one type of brand-new reduction cleaning agent, suitable for reduction cleaning of polyester and its blends with disperse dyestuff. There are two types of Acid reduction cleaning powder agent for polyester.

Brief information about Acid Reduction Cleaning Agent Powder

1. Brand new reduction cleaning agent for disperse dyestuff that replace sodium hydrosulfite.
2. Strong reduction performance and easy operation and rinse.
3. Confers brighter shades and more safety to fabrics.

[Main composition]
Strong reduction agent.

[Product features]

1. Completely removes unfixed dyes to obtain high fastness and brightness of fabrics at mild acid situation.
2. Compared with traditional alkali reduction, easier rinse that saves water.
3. For pale shades or pale dyeing liquor, only HT-2187 and pH adjustment is required, which save energy and water.
4. Easy operation while the best application pH is 3-4.5 and temperature is above 90℃.

[Cleaning Process]

Adjust pH to 3 – 4 with acetic acidRun 10 – 20 min at 95 – 98℃DrainHot & cool rinse

Note: Acid reduction cleaning powder agent is a reduction agent that can not contact oxidants, and specific process should be adjusted by testing.

[Packaging and storage]
25 kg/bag, 3 months in cool and dry place. 125 kg/ polyethylene drum, 6 months in cool and dry place.

Acid Reduction Cleaning Powder 2187

Appearance: white or pewter granule
Solid content: 100%
1% pH: 6- 8%
HT-2187: 2-4g/L
Acetic acid : 1-3g/L

Acid reduction cleaning powder

Acid Reduction Cleaning Agent 2187C

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
Solubility: easily soluble in water
1% pH: 7- 8%
HT-2187C: 0.5-1g/L

Acid reduction cleaning agent

Advantages of acid reduction cleaning powder agent

After the dyeing process of polyester fabric with disperse dyestuff, using acid reduction cleaning powder to wash, with optimized application of acid cleaner process, the result shows that with the help of acid reduction cleaning powder, the fabric’s dyeing fastness can reach or even more than the traditional insurance powder reduction cleaning effect, and low water consumption, short process.

Polyester fabric with disperse dyestuff dyeing, especially for deep color dyeing, in order to adequately remove the floating color and residue on the surface of the fabric, improve the dyeing fastness, often in need of reduction cleaning after dyeing, among them, the hydrosulfite powder, low cost, good cleaning result, simple operation, widely used in disperse dyestuff reduction cleaning after dyeing, but bad performance in the application process, it is powder, inflammable, explosive, easy to decompose, easy to release sulfur dioxide pollution environment, and will cause effluent BOD value increase, thus increase the difficulty of waste water treatment.

In addition, the polyester fabric is usually under the condition of weak acid dye, hydrosulfite powder vatting under alkaline conditions, so you need drainage at the end of the dyeing, after reduction cleaning, rinse with glacial acetic acid neutralization for many times, complicated working procedure and high water consumption.

All you need is to look for new type of reduction cleaning powder to replace the hydrosulfite powder. And here textile chemical acid reduction cleaning powder comes to use.

Acid reduction cleaning agent has two types in appearance: one white or pewter granule and the other colorless transparent liquid, specifically for disperse dyes, alternative of hydrosulfite powder reduction cleaning for polyester. Acid reduction cleaning powder or agent has the features such as strong reduction ability, good removing float color effect, high degree of application security, less dosage, adding simple, and no need of alkaline neutralization and drainage for light, medium and dark color cleaning, thus shorten the operation time and reduce the production cost.

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