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Fixing Agent for Polyester DG-1

Fixing Agent for Polyester DG-1

To prevent the dyeing fabric deformation, most synthetic fiber before dyeing should prior to finalize the design (temperature 193 ℃ ~ 200 ℃). But because of the oxygen in air under the light catalysis, with fabric of disperse dyes in polyester fiber and additives occur yellowing,discoloration; Or cause disperse dye in under the action of heat sublimation color shallow, we called sublimation fastness decline collectively referred to as thermal migration fastness decline. This phenomenon is the nearly twenty years textile widely used contains large number of non-ionic surfactant amino silicone oil micro emulsion type softener caused. The solution is to switch to a Special heat sublimation fastness ascending agent (Polyester fixing agent), used to finalize the design can prevent finalize the design before the disperse dye sublimation prison descend.

[Main composition]
Polycation compound

[General properties]

Appearance: light yellow liquid
pH: 5-7.5
Ionicity: Cation
Solubility: easily soluble in water
Stability: stable to acid and alkali

[Product features]

1. Note: this product is high concentrated state choose open diluted multiples of: 2-3 times.
2. Outstanding features: used to disperse dye which can improve the sublimation fastness effectively;
3. Can improve the fastness to washing, less effect of Fabric color.


1. Padding process: this article 2 ~ 3% (O.W.F), drying, finalize the design.
2. Impregnation process: 10 ~ 40 g/L.

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