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Anti staining soaping agent for printing with acid dyes WASH HTEC300

Anti staining soaping agent for printing with acid dyes WASH HTEC300

Brief information
-- WASH HTEC300 is compounded by special polymer compounds, which is specially used for printing anti-staining soaping and dyeing of nylon, silk, wool fabrics, etc. to remove floating colors. The printed fabric washed by it has a bright hue, no color matching between various colors, and excellent color fastness. It is an ideal dyeing and printing soaping agent.

Main Ingredients

-- Polymer Surfactant

General properties

-- Appearance: yellow transparent micro mucus
-- Ionicity: Zwitterion
-- Solubility: diluted with water at room temperature in any proportion
-- Stability: resistance to acid, alkali and electrolyte

Properties and fields of application

-- It has excellent solubilizing properties for acid dyes, and is an excellent dye co-solvent and de-floating soaping agent.
-- It can be chelated with acid dyes to reduce the affinity of the dyes to fibers at low temperatures, so as to achieve the white ground anti-staining function of printed fabrics.
-- It is a low-foaming substance and will not adversely affect the post-dyeing soaping and the de-floaming and desizing soaping of printing.
-- It is suitable for the printing of wool, nylon, silk, etc. with acidic and mordant dyes and the de-floating soaping after dyeing.


-- For dyeing fabrics: 1~3g/L
-- For printed fabrics: 2~3g/L Soda ash: 2 g/L
Printing→Steaming→EC300 30-40℃ water washing for 10 minutes→Draining liquid→EC300 30-40℃ water washing for 10 minutes→Draining→EC300 50-60℃ water washing for 10 minutes→Draining liquid→acid printing fixing agent fixing for 20 minutes →Draining→Drying

Packaging and storage

-- 125 kg/polyethylene drum, 6 months in sealed container at room temperature
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