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Softener, an Important Textile Auxiliaries in Textiles

Softener, an Important Textile Auxiliaries in Textiles

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In today's society, the clothing industry is booming, and people's demand for clothing is getting higher and higher. Some people care about the texture, some people look at the beauty, of course, owning the two features are more comfortable, but on the basis of these, at least we should wear the clothes comfortably. So whether anyone has ever wondered why the clothes we wear on our bodies are soft, and what kind of process it goes through, let's discuss it together.

What is softener

Softener, as its name implies, is to make an object become soft, which is a chemical substance. It can make the surface of the fiber smooth, make the product feel comfortable and feel better. There is a term called static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient. Soft feeling is a comprehensive feeling when these two coefficients change, and softener is a chemical substance that can make them change.

Use of softeners

In the process of textile processing, due to many times of treatment, the feeling of the textile will become bad, bringing the rough feeling. Then it needs to do some finishing, the more widely used is using the softener to finish it, so as to make the textile become soft and flat, enhancing the feel and texture, which will make it more comfortable to wear. When textiles are processed, they will lead to friction between fabrics and textile instruments. This will easily cause textile abrasions. In order to avoid these injuries and make the fibers soft and smooth enough to meet the processing conditions, softeners are needed. So we will say that softeners are one kind of important textile auxiliaries.

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