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Accumulate Strength for Great Accomplishments, Achieving Brilliance Again - Successful Conclusion of

Accumulate Strength for Great Accomplishments, Achieving Brilliance Again - Successful Conclusion of

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Honghao Chemical & HT Fine Chemical Marketing Performance Launch and Mid-Year Training Conference

From July 10th to 12th, 2023, Honghao Chemical Co., Ltd. and HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. successfully held the 2023 marketing performance launch and mid-year training conference. The conference briefed the company's new performance appraisal system, clarifying that the actions will be fully implemented comprehensively, accurately, and thoroughly.

Speech by Sales Representative


Speech by Regional Manager


Speech by Department Leader


At the beginning of the meeting, representatives from various departments and leaders analyzed and summarized the performance data, and proposed profound and significant influence of performance reform on the Marketing Center to motivate the Marketing Center personnel to forge ahead.

The leaders of each department expressed their firm adherence to the company's performance concept and their support and attitude towards performance reform. They emphasized the importance of promoting department team building through performance, clarifying the importance of department performance evaluation, and leading department sales representatives to implement it. They also expressed a high degree of attention and firm support for the performance evaluation of the Marketing Center, as well as a comprehensive, accurate, and thorough implementation at the ideological and practical levels by leading all department personnel.

Speech by Marketing Center Leader/General Manager


At the meeting, Vice General Manager Fang Yong discussed the standardized governance of the Marketing Center, clarified the important role of management in performance appraisal reform, and expressed the firm attitude towards the implementation of this reform. General Manager Fang Weihong delivered a speech, proposing new assessment standards for standardized management in the company, clarifying the importance and long-term value of performance appraisal, and demonstrating the firm determination of the company's top management to promote this performance reform.

Pledge Ceremony


Deputy General Manager Fang Yong led all Marketing Center personnel in a pledge to express their firm determination and attitude in implementing performance appraisal!

Training Content


In order to improve the customer sales skills of the Marketing Center and provide customers with more professional and better service experience, the conference conducted a series of professional courses such as Product Training, Demand Management Training, and Key Customer Relationship Management and Deep Marketing. Teachers trained the management and maintenance of key customers, enabling all trainees to learn to identify customer pain points and help them solve problems, and to establish strong relationships with customers.

The trainees actively interacted and exchanged ideas and earnestly absorbed knowledge, gaining a lot.

Award Ceremony


Next is the most exciting award ceremony! The first award presented is the Outstanding Trainee Award, honoring eight trainees with outstanding learning achievements.

Next is our team award. Today's efforts will lead to tomorrow's glory. The company has prepared generous bonuses for each team.


"The road ahead is long and fraught with difficulties, but today we take a new step and forge ahead from the beginning." The bugle of charge has sounded. After an intense and fulfilling marketing performance launch conference and series of trainings, this conference has successfully concluded. After the conference, the marketing soldiers will march forward with fuller enthusiasm and higher spirits to face the challenges of the battlefield. In the second half of 2023, they will move forward bravely! Strive and fight!!

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