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Successful Launch Ceremony of Honghao Academy

Successful Launch Ceremony of Honghao Academy

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Honghao Academy · Zhongxu Education

Building a Business School


Manager Fang appoints Honorary Consultant

——Presenting an appointment letter to Manager Ma from Zhongxu Education

We, Honghao Chemical, have always been committed to enhancing the comprehensive quality and professional skills of our employees. In order to build a learning organization and cultivate competitive talent, a grand opening ceremony of Honghao Academy was held at our company's headquarters on December 19, 2023.


This is a milestone moment, marking a new stage in our talent development and management field.

Speech by the Leadership


Speech by Manager Fang

During the ceremony, Manager Fang expressed clear support for the work of the corporate academy and emphasized the importance of training and learning. He stressed that as members of the company, everyone should pay enough attention, lead by example, and play a leading role.

The establishment of Honghao Academy is of significant importance. It is not only an important measure for the company to cultivate talents but also demonstrates the company's high regard for training. Through internal mutual competition, HongHao Academy is committed to becoming a learning organization, inspiring employees' innovative spirit, and enhancing the overall competitiveness of the company.


Subsequently, Manager Fang appointed an Honorary Dean and an Executive Dean, and presented them with appointment certificates.


Speech by the Honorary Dean

Representing the Talent Management Committee, the Honorary Dean expressed in the speech the hope to create an open, shared, and interactive learning platform through the establishment of Honghao Academy, enabling employees to continuously grow and contribute to the company's development through learning.

Under the leadership of the Training and Management Director

All students, in the face of a solemn launch ceremony, recited the learning oath in unison.

With a resounding and powerful voice, they expressed their firm determination to learn.

They promised to do their best, strive to learn, continuously improve their professional skills and comprehensive quality, and contribute their efforts to the company's future development.

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