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What is the Effect of Color Fixing Agent on Fabric?

What is the Effect of Color Fixing Agent on Fabric?

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As one of the indispensable auxiliaries in the textile printing and dyeing industry, color fixing agent can improve the wet resistance of dyes in the textile, and ensure the dye is firmly attached to the fabric, so as to achieve the effect of fixing color on fabrics.

Color fixing mechanism of the color fixing agent: 

At present, the color fixing agent on the market is generally divided into cationic polymer type color fixing agent, resin type color fixing agent, crosslinked reaction type color fixing agent; The color fixing mechanism of color fixing agent refers to that the color fixing agent can improve the dyeing brightness of dye on the fabric fiber. Its methods can be divided into:

1. The quaternary ammonium salt or tertiary ammonium salt contained in the molecules of the color fixing agent is combined with the anionic group ionic bond in the acidic medium with a certain strength of the positive charge and anionic dye, forming an insoluble color lake deposited inside and outside the fiber. 

2. The reactive intersexual group of the color fixing agent molecule is covalently bonded with the active group on the fiber and dye.

3. After the fabric has been treated with the color fixing agent, during the drying process, the molecules of the color fixing agent will be cross-linked by reactive cross-linking groups into large molecules by themselves, and will form a protective film on the surface of the fabric fiber, so that the dye is wrapped around the fiber and the dye is not easy to fall off.

4. The dyephilic structure genes on the molecules of color fixing agent give rise to the formation of hydrogen bonds between the fixative and dye, which is combined with van der Waals force.

5. The color fixing agent molecules contained in the gene such as imine, etc.

In the past, people have long used the resin color fixing agent condensed by dichyandiamide and formaldehyde. After finishing the fabric with this color fixing agent, it will contain very high formaldehyde, which will cause serious harm to human skin and also is not conductive to environmental protection. 

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