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The common 15 quality problems after dyeing finishing

The common 15 quality problems after dyeing finishing

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1, The unsatisfied hand-feeling
2, Yellowing
3, The fabric hydrophilic capacity decline
4, light color spot
5, alkaline spotting
6, Softener stain
7, Silicone oil spot
8, Poor lousiness


We have talked about these quality problems above in our former articles, to find them, please go to:

Here to discuss more quality problems after dyeing and finishing.

9, Formaldehyde problem

The free formaldehyde in the resin or N-hydroxymethyl structure resin may resolve formaldehyde can cause the excess of the formaldehyde. So we should choose low-content formaldehyde resin or non-formaldehyde resin.

The sources of  the formaldehyde is varied, including fastness Y, M, Softener Ms-20, S-l。 Water-proof agent AEG. FTC, adhesive PF. Fire retardant and other auxiliary.  And the transfer of formaldehyde from air to fabric also may cause the excess of formaldehyde.

10, Yellowing or discoloration

The resin finishing is easy to cause yellowing. So we need to try our best to reduce yellowing.

11, Strength decline

The resin finishing will causes strength decline. So we'd better add fiber protective agent , such as, Fiber Protection Agent BH, This product can make the fabric has a soft and smooth effect, join resin into the bath can improve the crease-resistant property and tear strength, protect the fiber and reducing power loss.

12, Hand feeling problem

Resin finishing will cause hard hand-feeling. We can add soft ingredient, such as silicone softener. But please do not effect the quality of resin finishing. If the hand-feeling improved, the strength decline problem will improved. The reason that cause the hard hand-feeling is the resin quality problem or drying problem and etc. So we need to improve aiming at different reasons.

13, Excess metal icon.

The metal ion Cu, Cr, Co, Ni, Zn, Hg, As, Pb, Cd will be inspected in the export products. If they are found exceed the limits, the serious result will occur like formaldehyde. In textile dyeing and finishing auxiliary, this icon is small, but the excess will become possibility in some auxiliary. For example, fire retardant Sb2O3 contain large quantity of Hg. Water-proof agent CR, phoboTexCR(Ciba), Cerolc contain Cr. If the mordant dye Potassium dichromate, sodium dichromate or sodium chromate is used, the Cr6+ will excess.

14,  The color change
After finishing, color change is usually occurs. So we need to choose proper dye in the process of dyeing. When dye, we should strictly follow the process to do finishing and judge the chosen dye will cause color change with the help of dyeing auxiliaries or not. Of course, the best choice is that finishing agent do not cause color change. But this choice is very limited. Because copper antibacterial agent, chromic bearing water-proof, are colored in themselves and will cause color change. Other factors will also need to consider. For example, the dye sublimation will cause color change. The high temperature will cause yellowing.

15, APEO excess

Some countries limit the APEO index strictly. This index is influenced by the scouring agent, penetrating agent in the process of preliminary treatment, detergent and leveling agent in the process of dyeing, emulsifier of softener in the process of finishing. Due to the impact of extensive-using of TX, NP surface activity, it is difficult to end the influence. The only way that can solve the problem is the prevention of auxiliary including APEO is used in the plant and change into the non-polluted auxiliary.

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