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Warm Congratulations on the Addition of Two Office Buildings by Honghao Chemical (HT Fine Chemical)

Warm Congratulations on the Addition of Two Office Buildings by Honghao Chemical (HT Fine Chemical)

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On September 20th, Honghao Chemical Co., Ltd. (HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.) held a celebration for the use of a new office building in the Qingyuan Yinglian Digital Economy Industrial Park. This year, two new office buildings were added in the city center, marking an important milestone in our company's development history and indicating a solid step forward in enhancing the corporate image, expanding the R&D team, and promoting talent introduction.


The ceremony for the use of the new office building officially began at 10 am. We gathered together to witness this important moment. The atmosphere of the celebration ceremony was warm, demonstrating the company's expectations and confidence for the new starting point. Today, the company's four major shareholders delivered speeches at the ceremony. They excitedly expressed that the use of the new office building is not only the completion of a building but also an important milestone in the company's development. The new office environment creates a more comfortable and efficient working experience for employees, while further demonstrating the company's strength and influence.


The company has always attached importance to product research and development and innovation throughout its development history. In the future, we will continue to strive to create industry benchmarks and increase the intensity of talent introduction. They are full of confidence in the future. As long as each employee follows the pace of company development and collaborates in the common development of the company, we will innovate towards a more brilliant tomorrow.

The four shareholders of the company expressed their sincere expectations to all employees in their speeches, hoping that each employee will continue to maintain their enthusiasm and enterprising spirit for learning, continuously improve their abilities and qualities. They look forward to growing and building a better life together with the company.


Our new office building is located in the city center office park, with modern design and complete facilities, fully demonstrating our company's professionalism and forward-looking vision. We believe that a good working environment will attract more outstanding talents to join our team and promote the company's development together.

The celebration ceremony was successfully held in a festive atmosphere and with the sound of congratulations, marking the continuous growth and expansion of the company, providing better development opportunities for employees, and bringing more confidence to our partners. The use of the new office building marks a new chapter in the development of Honghao Chemical and HT Fine Chemical!

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