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New Non-Aldehyde Fixing Agent 900P

New Non-Aldehyde Fixing Agent 900P

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Performance characteristics

  • High concentration, low viscosity, easy opening, and thinning.

  • Can be used with cationic silicone oil, softener, etc.

  • Suitable for dyeing cotton red, black, blue, polyester-cotton red, black, turquoise, and woven fabrics.

  • Can be used for color fixing treatment of cellulose fibers by direct, reactive, sulfur dye, dispersed dye, and printing textiles;

  • Does not affect color light and sunlight fastness, the feel remains unchanged after treatment.

  • Does not affect the original feel and hydrophilicity of the fabric.

Color fixing mechanism

Due to the simple structure, complete chromatography, bright color, and good color fastness of reactive dyes, they are widely used in cellulose fiber dyeing. The dyes come with water-soluble groups, which lead to poor wet rubbing fastness, fading, and staining. The cationic group in the non-aldehyde color fixing agent can not only form an ionic bond with the sulfonic acid group anion in the dye but also react with the reactive groups on the fiber surface to form a multi-crosslinking system, which enhances the degree of dye entrapment and fiber binding, effectively reduces the water solubility of the dye, and thus improves the color fastness.

Product Application Effects - Pure Cotton Series


Product Application Effects - Polyester-Cotton Series


Performance Summary

This product performs significantly better than the two common non-aldehyde color fixing agents on the market.

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