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Application of New Product Cationic Modifying Agent HT-566

Application of New Product Cationic Modifying Agent HT-566

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I. Brief introduction:

The paint dip dyeing technology uses cationic modifying agent to cationize the fibers, thereby increasing the dye uptake and fixing the rate of the coating, reducing the discharge of dyeing waste water, and reducing the overall cost of dyeing. Paint dip dyeing is suitable for small batch and multi-variety production. It is able to respond quickly to the current changing market, meet market demand, and has broad application prospects.

II. Test process:

1 Test material and equipment.

1.1 Material: cotton white cloth.

1.2 Chemical: normal cationic modifying agent, HT-566.

1.3 Equipment: high temperature dyeing sample machine, 101-3 electric heating constant temperature blast drying oven.

1.4 Test index: coloring effect of cotton cloth.

2 Test process

2.1. Paint dyeing:

Cationic modifying agent: 3g/L, 60℃×20min→Drain

Pigment: 6% owf, 70℃×30min

Binding agent: 0.5-1% owf, 70℃×5min

Draining → Washing → Soaping and Drying.


Discharging → washing → soaping and drying

3 Test result.

3.1 Pigment Cotton Fabric

2% coating

Without a modifier

Cationic modifiers on the market

Honghao cationic modifier

Paint red




Paint yellow




Paint blue




4% coating

Without a modifier

Cationic modifiers on the market

Honghao cationic modifier

Paint red




Paint yellow




Paint blue




The test result show that HT-566 has a better coloring effect than normal cationic modifying agent.

III. Properties conclusion.

1. Pigment printing and dyeing technology has the advantages of simple process, complete chromatogram, strong adaptability, low cost, energy and water saving, and low pollution.

2. It can obtain the acceptable colorfastness even with reducing of binding agent , and improve the hard hand feeling of pigment-dyed fabrics.

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