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What is Fixing Powder?

What is Fixing Powder?

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Fixing powder is one of the important auxiliaries in printing and dyeing industry, which is an assistant used to improve the color fastness to wet treatment of dyes on fabrics. Insoluble colors can be formed with fixing powder on fabrics to improve the color fastness to washing and sweating, and sometimes to insolation.

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, dyeing and finishing technology has also been significantly improved. The expansion of international textile trade and the improvement of people's living standards and environmental awareness require textiles to be comfortable, clean and safe. By combining cationic quaternary with sulfonic anions on dyes, positive and negative electrostatic attractions are combined to form water-insoluble color lakes. The fixing powder can improve the colorfastness, especially washing fastness.

There are three kinds of fixing powder: cationic surfactant, quaternary ammonium salt without surface activity and resin fixing agent. Printing and dyeing auxiliaries can bind dyes into water-insoluble dye salts, or make dye molecules larger and insoluble in water. Fixing agents are used to improve dyeing firmness.

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