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Continuation of Cooperation Partnership between Honghao Chemical and Blue Label Systems

Continuation of Cooperation Partnership between Honghao Chemical and Blue Label Systems

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Congratulations to Honghao Chemical Blue Label Review for passing smoothly!

Recently, our company has passed the rigorous review of the textile chemical environmental protection standard, bluesign®, and continues the bluesign® partnership.


bluesign® is a Swiss expert in sustainable system construction, established in 2000. The textile brands and products authorized by bluesign represent compliance with rigorous bluesign criteria. Their production processes and products comply with environmental protection, health, and safety (EHS) standards, minimizing impact on people and the environment.

Review Results

According to the Blue Label review report, our company has passed the blue label audit smoothly, and the bluesign® system partnership continues.


On-site Review


The reviewers conducted on-site inspections and evidence records for our company based on the five standard principles of resource productivity, consumer safety, exhaust emission, wastewater discharge, and occupational health and safety. Bluesign® provides an independent and comprehensive review system for the textile industry, inspecting the entire production process and minimizing environmental impact to protect human health.


Bluesign is the world's most influential provider of sustainable system solutions and is trusted by world-class clothing and textile brands. Becoming a bluesign® partner undoubtedly enhances our company's competitive advantage and symbolizes Honghao Chemical's commitment to environmental, social, and customer responsibilities. We conduct real-time monitoring on production sites with the strictest standards, providing customers with stable and safe high-quality products, and consistently developing steadily on the path of sustainable development.

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