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What Are the Main Functions of Smoothing Agent Products in the Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry?

What Are the Main Functions of Smoothing Agent Products in the Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry?

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1. Application of smoothing agent

Smoothing agent products are mainly used in textile printing and dyeing industry. As an additive in textile printing and dyeing, smoothing agent is used to improve the quality of textile printing and dyeing and increase the added value of textiles.

In the textile printing and dyeing auxiliary industry, the smoothing agent is the embodiment of the application technology of fine chemical products in the textile printing and dyeing industry, which belongs to the edge science of chemical industry and printing and dyeing.

Smoothing agents are dyeing auxiliaries, which belong to the development and management type of industrial products. While vigorously developing new products and new technologies, it is also necessary to spend more effort to research product application technologies and provide comprehensive technical services and technical support.

2. Development and application of a new type of textile fiber for smoothing agent

With the application of high and new technology in the fiber industry, a large number of new textile fibers for smoothing agents such as ultrafine fibers and shaped fibers, fibers, fibers and soybean fibers, PTT fibers and polylactic acid fibers, as well as various composite fibers and functional fibers have been developed. application. The continuous development of multi-component fiber fabrics that combines the advantages of various fibers has prompted the birth of a series of new dyeing and finishing technologies, especially multi-component fiber printing and dyeing processing. Because of the different chemical properties and physical and mechanical properties of various types of fibers, the processing is different.

Textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries are especially suitable for the scouring process before fabric dyeing. It can ensure uniform and thorough refining and bleaching, better improve the whiteness and feel, and can effectively reduce uneven dyeing.

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