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Dyeing and Printing Knowledge: Measurement of the Residual Fat Percentage of Refining Agents

Dyeing and Printing Knowledge: Measurement of the Residual Fat Percentage of Refining Agents

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The scouring agent performance test is mainly carried out by evaluating the scouring effect, that is , use the scouring agent in its conditions to refine, and evaluate the scouring agent effect according to the test results of the fabric as follows.

1. Instrument and agent
Soxhlet Oil extractor, carbon tetrachloride.

2. Working process
Put the flask of Soxhlet oil extractor and 10g cloth sample into in the oven, dry 1.5 hours under 105℃, take out and cool in the dryer, weight (accurate to 0.0001g). Wrap the weighted sample cloth with the filter paper,put into a reflow extractor of Soxhlet extractor (the filter paper edge height should not exceed the height of the siphon), Add carbon tetrachloride about 200mL (the number should be able to spill over the siphon for 1.5 to 2 times), heating in a water bath.
Start to time when there is liquid drop in the bottom end of the condenser tube,
the extraction rate should be 5~6 times per hour. the solvent cycle is up to 12 times, and the extraction is finished. Take about 10mL of carbon tetrachloride washing extractor, remove the condensing tube and wash it again, and then take out the cloth and filter paper, and pour the washing liquid into the flask. Install the distillation device on the flask, steam away from the carbon tetrachloride on the water bath, and then remove the flask, and then with cloth together put into 105℃ ovens for 1.5 hours, cooling in the dryer, weight accurately(accurate to 0.0001g).

3. Result calculation
The fabric of grease content should be calculated according to the determination of sample weight loss or flask increased, the results should be consistent, we can choose anyone, but when we test of the sample weight loss, we should pay attention whether there is side yarn loss from the sample cloth which will affect the test results.
Fabric residual fat rate (%) = (weight of flask and oil- empty flask quality), ÷ the sample quality before extraction x 100
Fabric residual fat rate (%) = (the sample cloth weight before extraction- the sample cloth weight after extraction), ÷ the sample quality before extraction x 100

4. Note:
The carbon tetrachloride is toxic and it is easy to erosion the drying oven. So we can use diethyl ether, dichloromethane, 1:1 benzene and alcoholic solution to substitute carbon tetrachloride for doing the extraction. But the dichloromethane and benzene solution is not suitable for nylon and the fabric of polyester fiber.

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