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Denim Fabric Silicone Oil 3762-A

Denim Fabric Silicone Oil 3762-A

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Denim Fabric Silicone Oil 3762-A

Suitable for all kinds of cowboy cloth

Basic indicators


  • Appearance: light yellow transparent fluid

  • Sugar content: 24%±1

  • Solids content: 29%±2

  • pH value: 5-6

  • Ionicity: weak cationic

Product features

  • Strong universality - suitable for pure cotton, T/C, CVC, composite and other cowboy cloth.

  • Excellent feel-soft and good slidability.

  • High cost performance - good effect, cheap price.

  • Good compatibility stability - can be flexibly compounded with soft pieces and soft oil essences.

Usage process and dosage

  • Suggested usage ratio of 1:2-4, or compounded with soft oil

  • Dilute concentration, recommended dosage 1~3% (o.w.f)

  • Impregnation process: 30-50°C soaking for 20min→dehydration→drying→rehydration, bath ratio 1:10

    (Specific adjustments can be made according to production requirements)


Comparison of softness

Denim Fabric Silicone Oil 3762-A


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