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Detailed Introduction to Several Fixing Agents Which Are Mainstream in the Industry

Detailed Introduction to Several Fixing Agents Which Are Mainstream in the Industry

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1. Acid fixing powder

Improve the wet fastness of all nylon and its blended fabrics after dyeing and printing. It can improve the color fastness of nylon fabric during continuous dyeing with little effect on shade. Strong acid resistance, the acid resistance is: the 10% solution of the fixing powder solution after diluting 25% is PH: 1.0-2.0. Will not stain the white background of nylon printing.

2. High concentration acid dye fixing agent

This fixing agent can effectively improve the washing fastness, soaping fastness, perspiration fastness of acid dyes, etc.; it can effectively improve the fastness indexes of the fabric, and at the same time with little difference to the original color light feel . Excellent stability, suitable for all kinds of dyeing agents. It is also suitable for improving the printing fastness of acid dyes.

3. High concentration acid fixing agent

This fixing agent can be used for fixing in the same dyeing bath after dyeing, which can greatly improve the washing fastness, such as hot water, perspiration fastness and so on. After use, the effect on shade and hand feel is very slight. The bleaching phenomenon of the dye in the fixing process after dyeing is very slight.

4. High-concentration turquoise blue fixing agent

This fixing agent has very little color fading, effectively avoiding light peeling and color change; the fabric treated with this product has minimal color change and does not affect the original style of the fabric; the treated fabric rubbing fastness, soaping fastness, perspiration fastness, etc. are significantly improved; outstanding alkali resistance can be used in the mercerizing process after cotton fixing. It does not contain formaldehyde and meets environmental performance; it is resistant to chlorine bleaching with a very obvious effect on turquoise dye.

5. Special fixing agent for high concentration scarlet

This product is a fixing agent with little discoloration after treatment. It is compatible and stable with resin and can be processed by pad dyeing. After the product is processed, it can increase the alkali resistance of reactive dyes when it is used for post mercerizing. It can effectively improve the fastness indexes of scarlet and pink.

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