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Fast High Temperature Uniform Dye HT-85K

Fast High Temperature Uniform Dye HT-85K

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In traditional processes, polyester dyeing takes a long time. Once the dyeing time is shortened, the dye is prone to condensation and rapid dyeing, which ultimately leads to various defects on the fabric surface. By adopting new techniques to effectively solve these problems, it is possible to shorten the dyeing process and reduce costs.

  • Fast high-temperature leveling agent HT-85K

  • Excellent leveling properties

  • Outstanding migration and dispersibility

  • Suitable for fast dyeing processes

  • Meets market demand

Dyeing Process


Saves 30-40 minutes

Product Information


  • Appearance: Light yellow to dark yellow viscous liquid

  • Content: 95% ± 2

  • pH value: 7 ±1

  • Ion type: Anion/non

  • Solubility: soluble

Leveling Performance


Excellent leveling properties, with no obvious color difference during temperature rise at different temperatures, showing excellent leveling performance.

Migration Performance


Has excellent migration performance, reducing the appearance of color difference in fast dyeing.

Rapid Dyeing Color Performance


During rapid high-temperature dyeing, there are no defects such as color difference on the fabric surface, showing excellent rapid dyeing performance.

Dye Dispersing Performance


Has excellent high-temperature dye dispersing performance, preventing dye condensation and reducing color difference.

Highlights Summary

  • Excellent leveling properties, effectively control the dye uptake at different temperatures, reducing color difference

  • Excellent migration and high-temperature dispersing properties, preventing the occurrence of color spots or patches during dyeing

  • Performance superior to ordinary high-temperature leveling agents, shortening dyeing time, improving dyeing efficiency, and saving costs for customers

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