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General Manager Fang Accompanies Secretary Li Weizhong of Sihui Municipal Committee to Visit Honghao

General Manager Fang Accompanies Secretary Li Weizhong of Sihui Municipal Committee to Visit Honghao

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Recently, Li Weizhong, the Secretary of the Sihui Municipal Party Committee, led a team to visit some key enterprises in Sihui City, bringing them New Year blessings and good wishes. He encouraged the enterprises to have firm confidence in the new year, seize opportunities, and contribute to the high-quality development of Zhaoqing, leading the way for Shihui.

Li Weizhong and his team visited enterprises such as Honghao Chemical Co., Ltd. and Zhaoqing Nandu Recycling Aluminum Co., Ltd., to inspect their resumption of work and production, and to understand the situation of their product research and development, business sectors, and future development. They also discussed solutions to the problems and difficulties faced by the enterprises.

Li Weizhong stated that in 2023, Shihui will continue to adhere to the concept of "strengthening the city with industries, projects as the priority, parks as the foundation, and enterprises as the first", continuously optimize the business environment, actively respond to the demands of enterprises, and provide comprehensive services and support to help solve problems and accomplish practical tasks for the enterprises. He urged all enterprises to have firm confidence, seize opportunities, fully leverage their advantages in brands, technology, and talents, enhance their market competitiveness, and achieve new breakthroughs and create new achievements at a new starting point with the spirit of "daring to explore, and daring to strive for excellence".

During the visit, the leaders of the enterprises also expressed their gratitude to the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for their continuous care and support. They stated that in the new year, they would fully seize opportunities, seek development, and make contributions to the economic and social development of Shihui.

The general manager of Honghao Chemical Co., Ltd. accompanied the municipal party committee leaders on the visit to Honghao Chemical Co., Ltd.:


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