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Hydrophilic Soft Smooth Silicone Oil 3206E-2

Hydrophilic Soft Smooth Silicone Oil 3206E-2

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Blue Label Hydrophilic Soft Smooth Silicone Oil 3206E-2


  • Appearance: Light yellow transparent mucus

  • Solid content: 43%±2

  • Brix: 34%±1

  • pH value: 5-6

  • Ionicity: Weak cationic

  • Recommended fabrics:

  • Suitable for fluffy and soft finishing of cotton, T/C, CVC and other fabrics.

  • Recommended process and dosage: Recommended dosage: 10-40g/L (can be adjusted according to production requirements)

  • Padding process: One padding-rolling, setting (150-180°C) or depending on the specific process and fabric).

  • Style description: Gives cotton and its blended fabrics a fluffy, soft, and smooth style.

  • Performance description: The finished fabric has excellent hydrophilicity and improves the performance of the fabric; this product has passed the blue label certification and meets the ecological requirements of environmental sustainability.

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