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Introduction of Hydrophilic Softening Agent

Introduction of Hydrophilic Softening Agent

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As the clothing industry is booming, people's requirements for clothing are also getting higher and higher. Some people care about texture, some people fancy beauty, and it is best for clothing to have these two points. On the basis of these, clothes must first be worn comfortably. Especially leather clothes, if the clothes are too hard to wear on, we will be very uncomfortable. So how can we make the texture of the clothes, that is, the softness, become higher? We need to use softening agent. What is a softening agent? How to use it?

1. What is a softening agent?

Softening agent is a chemical that makes an item soft. It can smooth the surface of the fiber, making people feel comfortable and great when touching the product.

There is a term called static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient. Soft feeling is a comprehensive feeling when these two coefficients change, and softening agent is a chemical substance that can change the two.

2. The use of softening agent

Since textiles are processed many times, which can lead to rough surfaces, people feel uncomfortable touching them. We need to deal with rough surfaces. The more widely used is to sort it out through softening agent, this makes the textile soft and smooth, while enhancing the feel and texture, and it will be more comfortable to touch.

During the processing of textiles, there will be friction between fabrics and between fabrics and textile equipment, which is easy to cause abrasion of textiles. In order to avoid these injuries and make the fiber achieve softness and smoothness that can adapt to the processing conditions, softening agents are needed. The leather softening agent can make the leather more soft, natural, smooth, delicate texture.

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