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Antistatic Agent Mechanism

Antistatic Agent Mechanism

Surface active agent can be absorbed directly in the surface of fabric. Hydrophilic group and associates with atmospheric water molecules and generates a continuous wet film on the fiber surface, which reduces the fiber surface resistance and accelerates the dissipation of electrostatic charge; The hydrophobic molecules formed by the hydrocarbon chain are oriented towards the fiber surface, which can increase the softness and smoothness of the fiber surface, reduce the friction coefficient of the fiber surface, and reduce the static electricity generated by friction

① Cationic surfactants: the adsorption fiber on the surface of the fiber increases the moisture absorption capacity of the fiber and increases with the relative humidity in the air. The positive charge on the surfactant can also offset the negative charge on some of the fiber's surface. Cationic surfactants also have excellent softness and smoothness, which can inhibit the generation of static electricity.  
② Anionic surfactants: Oriented adsorption on the fiber surface adsorption. Hydrophilic groups toward the surface of fiber, and hydrophilic groups towards air, hydrophilic group can be associated with water, which can improve the surface conductivity, rapid leak charge, to achieve the effect of antistatic.

③ Amphoteric surfactants: a directional adsorption layer can be formed on the fiber surface to improve the surface conductivity. The type of amphoteric surface active agent like amino acid type, betaine type, imidazoline type can be used as antistatic agent 

④ Nonionic surfactants: absorbing on the fiber surface to form an adsorption layer, to increase the distance between fiber and the friction’s surface, reduce the friction on the surface of the fiber, so that the electricity is reduced. The molecules of the hydroxyl vinyl can form hydrogen bonds with water or oxygen, increase the moisture on the surface of the fiber, and reduce the fiber surface resistance, so that static electricity is easy to leak.  

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