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Application of Nylon Anti-staining Soap Lotion EC300

Application of Nylon Anti-staining Soap Lotion EC300

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The soaping process after dyeing and printing of textiles can remove the floating color on the surface of fabrics and improve the fastness of dyed fabrics. Adding soaping agent can improve the effect of washing float, and through dispersion, suspension and complexation, the dyes can no longer be anti-stained on the fabric, so as to improve the soaping fastness and anti-staining. It has excellent anti-staining performance, can realize low-temperature soaping, soaping below 60 degree C, and also has excellent anti-staining performance. It is a low-temperature soaping agent.
Because the anti-fouling performance of acid dyes after dyeing is completely different from that of reactive dyes, the anti-fouling soap detergent is also completely different. Acid dyes are strong anionic dyes. Only by using strong adsorption of cationic surfactants and compounding highly effective dispersants, can the anti-fouling effect be achieved.

Experimental technology:

1 Laboratory materials and equipment
1.1 Material: Nylon Printed Cloth
1.2 Auxiliaries: Anti-contamination soap lotion EC300 (macrograph), anti-contamination soap lotion on the market
1.3 Equipment: Normal temperature dyeing prototype, Y571 friction fastness tester, 101-3 electrothermal constant temperature blast dryer
1.4 Test Indicators: soap fastness

2. Experimental Prescription and Technology

Prescription (1) (2)
Anti-contamination soaping agent 2g/L 3g/L
Soda soda 3g/L 3g/L

Process: Printed cloth is impregnated in soaping agent working fluid at 40-50 ~C, run for 20-30 minutes, wash, dehydrate and dry.

3. Experimental results:
1. Anti-staining effect of white cloth after soaping of printed cloth:

Dosage raw cloth anti-stain cloth
Anti-contamination soaping agent EC300

Anti-contamination soap detergent on the market

Anti-contamination soaping agent EC300

Anti-contamination soap  detergent on the market


Conclusion: The anti-staining effect of Hongtu anti-staining soap lotion is better than that of the market anti-staining soap lotion.

2. Washing fastness of printed cloth after soaping:

Dosage Rating Multiform Lining
Anti-contamination soap lotion EC300 2.5
Anti-contamination soap detergent on the market 2.5
2 g/L
Anti-contamination soap lotion EC300 3.5
nti-contamination soap detergent on the market 3
Blank (dark blue printing) 1.5

Conclusion: Anti-stain soap lotion EC300 has better washing ability than anti-stain soap lotion on the market.
From the experimental results, it can be seen that the anti-contamination effect and cleaning ability of anti-contamination soap lotion EC300 are better than those of anti-contamination soap lotion on the market. It has great popularization value and high performance-price ratio.

Performance summary

Used for acid dyeing and soaping of printed fabrics represented by nylon. It has excellent chelating, dispersing, suspension and washing properties. It can effectively remove float color and prevent printing fabrics from alternating colors and staining on white ground. It achieves white ground and bright color.

It can wash the float between fabrics efficiently and improve the fastness index.

After washing, the color and luster of the fabrics remain unchanged, and the fabrics have bright color and luster.

This product does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, APEO and heavy metal ions, and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

In soaping, low foam, no foam stains and soaping stains, floating color and soaping agent are easy to wash away, save time, save labor, save water, save energy, and reduce production costs.

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