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Highly enriched super soft hydrophilic silicone oil

Highly enriched super soft hydrophilic silicone oil

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As silicone oil and softener supplier from China, HT Fine Chemicals has a wide range production of silicone oils and silicone softeners for textile chemical industry. From our official website, you can find those different products for varied applications for textile industry:

silicone oil and softener

And here, let’s have a good introduction of highly enriched super soft hydrophilic silicone oil.

Super soft hydrophilic silicone oil Description of products
Highly enriched ultra soft hydrophilic silicone oil is a modified quaternization copolymer silicone softener, making all kinds of fabric super smooth and soft. With good hydrophilicity, it has no floating oil and no sticky when using.

Super soft hydrophilic silicone oilPhysical and chemical property:
Appearance: transparent liquid
Ion: weak cation
Solubility: soluble in water at any ratio
PH: 4.0-6.0 value (1% aqueous solution)
Stability: acid and alkali resistance, shearing resistance

Super soft hydrophilic silicone oilProduct characteristics: 
1. Being dealt with this silicone oil, the fabric will have excellent hydrophilicity, and the instantaneous hydrophilicity of the fabric will be achieved. It can be compared with the traditional polyether silicone oil hydrophilic. It improve the quality of the textile and makes it feels comfortable;
2. With this special silicone softener, the fabric will touches soft, smooth, fluffy, elastic, and feels like cotton;
3. No yellowing, fadeless, and no influence on color;
4. If the fabric is found faded, you can redye the fabric without removing the silicone softener.
5. With the property of high shearing resistance, non stick roller and emulsion stability, it can be safely prayed on the overflow dyeing machine and other equipment;
6. Silicone oil can be used mixed with film, soft oil and other cationic / nonionic softener, and improve the hydrophilicity and hand feeling of the fabric;
7. High cost performance, thus greatly reducing the cost of product use.
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Hydrophilic Silicone Softener Oil

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