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[Dye Show] Dye Production Needs to Activate Innovation Genes in Industry Cells

[Dye Show] Dye Production Needs to Activate Innovation Genes in Industry Cells

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Shanghai International pigment textile and chemical product Exhibition

Shanghai international pigment textile and chemical product Exhibition

The 18th China International Dye industry Pigments and Textile Chemicals Exhibition

Organizers: China Dyestuff Industry Association

China Dyeing and Printing Association

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Shanghai Sub-Council

Co-organizer: Shanghai International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Date: April 11-13, 2018

Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center(SWEECC)

Dyeing industry biggest event -- the seventeenth Chinese international dye industry Pigments and Textile Chemicals Exhibition (China Interdye 2017) was held on April 2017 12-14 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center(SWEECC) (ADD: No. 850, Bo Cheng Road, Shanghai ). In the same period, the "2017 Shanghai international digital printing and dyeing Automation Technology Exhibition" was held. This two exhibition aims to create the textile printing and dyeing industry one-stop sourcing platform. The area of this two exhibition is over 40000 square meters, attracting 630 enterprises in 17 countries and regions to participate. The exhibits cover all kinds of advanced environment-friendly dyes, organic pigments, textile auxiliaries, intermediates, instruments environmental protection equipment, dye equipment, etc..

The next exhibition will be held on April 11-13, 2018 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center(SWEECC). It is expected that the exhibitors will further expand, and we look forward to your participation!

Innovation - essential gene for dye production

At present, the production quantity, export quantity and consuming a quantity of China's dyed pigment industry ranks first in the world. It has become a veritable big country in dyeing and weaving. With the "13th Five-Year development plan of dyeing industry" issued, it required promoting intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing ".  How to establish the green material supply system, the green manufacturing system, the green circulation system has become the topic of continuous exploration.

In the recently ended The 18th China International Dye Industry Pigments and Textile Chemicals Exhibition, the exhibitors and industry insiders have agreed that if our country wants to further consolidate the power of the production of dyes and pigments, it must activate each gene in the cells of industry innovation. And accelerate the transformation of integration and automation. To speed up the development of ecological safety and function, we should focus on research and development of high value-added products to meet the market demand and improve the competitiveness of the industry in the world. The main content can be summed up in the following three points.

1. The focus of the transformation: integration and automation

It is written in the 13th Five-Year development plan of dyeing industry"that the industry should strengthen the closed, integrated, intelligent and information transformation of reaction equipment, in order to achieve the automation of the whole process from the reaction temperature, acidity, pressure, flow rate, reaction rate to other parameters, improving raw material utilization rate of atomic, reduce excess material, and making the reaction more accurate and reasonable. At the same time, some automation or continuous demonstration production lines covering dyes, pigments, intermediates. By transformation and demonstration and promotion, the overall technical and equipment level of the industry will be improved.

Where there are deficiencies in the existing production process, the key production, complete sets of technical transformation, optimization, systematization, and integration shall be carried out, and improvements in safety and operation stability shall be made. Especially in the process of technological transformation, we should focus on optimizing the combination of materials and energy in the whole process of production, so as to improve the comprehensive utilization of resources.

2. Innovation focuses on ecological safety and environmental upgrading

Industry experts pointed out: in the "13th Five-Year" period, we should the get the pigment with the ecological safety and environmental protection upgrade into key innovation.
On the one hand, the product design concept should be adjusted, with emphasis on ecological safety, functional and practical product development. Pay attention to the major international garment Brand Company safety data for textile, daily chemical and other requirements, and Keep an eye on the limit value on organic impurities required by ETAD(International Association of Manufacturers of dyes and organic pigments). Through optimization of dyestuff and organic pigment manufacturing process upgrading, we can avoid the generation of harmful organic impurities and effectively reduce the generation and emission of pollutants in the production process.

On the other hand, we should pay attention to the test of the new product's ecological safety data, increase the investment of the funds, and improve the internal quality and comprehensive competitiveness of the products.

3. R & D focus: marketable and high value-added product

The creation and industrialization of new pigments are the cornerstones of future enterprise development. In the "13th Five-Year" period, dyestuff enterprises should strengthen the research and development of new products in key areas, and develop high performance and functional products.

In the "13th Five-Year" period, the industry should develop products, which can meet all kinds of market demand. For example, we should develop pigment which will meet the requirement of the new process, the new technology and low energy-saving emission in printing and dyeing industry; We should develop pigment which is suitable for blocking harmful substances and bacteria textiles, high flame retardant, fire resistant textile; we should develop pigment which is suitable for supercritical dyeing and life sign, and pigment with temporary solubility.

In addition, the "13th five year plan" also pointed out that we should strengthen the development and innovation of high-end products in the future, such as the emphasis of the research is: we should develop the reactive dyes, acid dyes and organic pigments which is suitable for 20%~30% high solubility and high strength   for ink-jet printing; and we should develop the disperse dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes and organic pigments which is suitable for superfine fiber, high imitation cotton fiber, multifunctional composite fiber and wool fiber in dyeing and finishing process; and we should develop the new -type special pigment which will suitable for energy saving and emission reduction technology, such as, transfer printing technology, coating printing and dyeing technology, micro capsule dyes dyeing non-auxiliaries disposable technology; and we should develop the new pigment which will meet the special engineering plastics and other high-end products demand.

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