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Cationic Fixing Agent

Cationic Fixing Agent

Cationic fixing agent mainly through the cation and dye molecules in the anion group formation of ionic bonding, thereby sealing the water-soluble groups, to improve the wet treatment fastness. This kind of fixing agent can be divided into surfactant fixing agent and non-surface active fixing agent according to its surface activity.

[Brief information of Cationic Fixing Agent]
-- Non formaldehyde cationic fixing agent for reactive, direct and sulfur dyes that obviously improves various fabric fastness.

[Main composition]
-- Polycationic compound.

[General properties and fields of application]
-- Appearance: Light yellow to deep yellow viscous liquid
-- Ionicity: cationic
-- pH: 3-5
-- Solubility: easily soluble in water
-- Stability: stable to acid, alkali, electrolytes and hard water
-- Negligible shade fades to efficiently prevent low stripping and shade change.
-- Slight shade change and does not affect original shades.
-- Obviously improves rubbing, soaping and perspiration fastness.
-- Outstanding alkali resistance that makes mercerization available after fixing.
-- Free of formaldehyde that complies with environmental requirements.
-- Resistant to chlorine bleaching.

-- High concentration product and can be diluted 5-7 times.
-- To guarantee subsequent fixing performance, please rinse the dyed fabrics completely to remove residual dyes, salts and alkali before fixing.

-- Dipping
HTfix WD-120:1-3% (O.W.F)
Bath ratio:1 : 15-20
Temperature & time:30-50°C x 15-20 min

Dyed fabrics → Dip in fixing bath for 15-30 min at 30-50°C→ Rinse → Dry

-- Padding
HTfix WD-120:10-30 g/L

Dyed fabrics → twice dip & pad in fixing bath at room temperature → Dry

[Packing and storage]
-- Packing:125 kg/polyethylene drum
-- Storage:12 months in sealed container at room temperature

Direct dyes, acid dyes and reactive dyes contain hydrophilic groups, which reduce the affinity between dyes and fibers when encountering water. Using the cationic charge in the fixing agent molecule and the anion group of the dye to form electrostatic bonding, make dye and fixing agent on the fiber to produce insoluble lake and reduce the water soluble dyes, so as to improve the wet treatment fastness and improve the dye soaping and white cloth color fastness; the stronger the cationics in fixing agent, the better the color fastness.

Such as direct dyes, reactive dyes with cationic fixing agent processing, which generate color lake to improve wet fastness, for direct copper salt dyes with copper salt treatment, chromate treatment after acid dyes, thus forming chelating compound between dyes and fibers, thus reducing its solubility in water, in order to improve the color fastness. The water-soluble dye can be regarded as an active anion, which can be exchanged with the cationic group of the fixing agent on the fiber to produce the micro-dissolve and insoluble salts.
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