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Functional Finishing Agent

Functional Finishing Agent

Textile finishing is the process of finishing agent use on the fabric, which can change the surface properties and give special functions to the fabric. For example, water and oil repellent fabric finishing is to use a low surface tension finishing agent to process the fabric, in order to change the surface characteristics of the fiber, so that the surface of the fabric is not easy to be water or oil wetting and spreading, so as to achieve the hydrophobic purpose.

Functional finishing agent included wet rubbing fastness improver agent, Antisatic agent, Anti-slipping agent, Anti creasing resin with low formaldehyde, Fiber protection agent, Hydrophilic finishing agent, Brightening agent, Anti-pinhole agent, Finishing agent for coral velvet, Acrylate emulsion softener, Anti-pilling agent, wax removing agent, stiffening agent, weighting agent, light fastness improver, white paste, silicone spot stripping agent, silicone spot stripping agent etc.

1. Suitable for polyester, polyester blended, acetate fiber and other fabrics dyeing and finishing;
2. Apply to nylon dyeing and finishing;
3. Endow the fabric a good hydrophilic function, and make the fabric with good moisture absorption and sweat discharging properties;
4. Give the fabric more than 4.0 grade of easy decontamination performance, washing 15 times can still reach the level of 4;
5. Good washing resistance.

Featured Characteristics for polyester fabric:
1. Easy to remove polyester fiber stain, make polyester fiber has easy decontamination performance;
2. The hydrophilic gene of polyester fiber is endowed with excellent hydrophilic property;
3. Make polyester fiber good hygroscopicity property;
4. Conductive gene endowed to polyester fiber with good antistatic property;
5. Make polyester fiber soft, lubricate and reduce fabric abrasions and creases;
6. Disperse and dissolve polyester in high temperature and high pressure, to improve the color brightness and smoothness;
7. Give the polyester fiber fluffy touch, to make the fleece products with a richer feel.

The functional finishing of textiles is manifold, and it is still expanding. With the improvement of the performance of functional finishing agent and the appearance of new technology, the finishing effect will get better and better. Each functional finishing has a lot of agents available, so the selection of textile auxiliaries must be based on the purpose of finishing, process and the arrangement object. The finishing agent selection procedure should follow the order of environmental protection, safety, easy operation and low price. Now, functional finishing has been involved in various uses of textiles, with a board development future, which will have a great impact on our lives.

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