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Testing Method for Leveling Property of Various Leveling Agents

Testing Method for Leveling Property of Various Leveling Agents

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Regarding leveling agent, whether it is disperse dye leveling agent, reactive dye leveling agent, vat dye leveling agent, acid dye leveling agent and so on, how to test its leveling performance? In this paper, we share a method to test leveling property of the leveling agent, which is more close to the practical application of the factory and more simple. The method is as follows:

Experimental equipment

Bobbin yarn sample machine    Experimental materials    Undyed cheese yarn treated before finishing Laboratory materials
Various auxiliaries for normal dyeing   Dyes for dyeing Leveling agent to be tested Experimental methods
In the dyeing process, the bobbin yarn dyeing machines are all singled out and circulated outward (from inside to outside)

1. Blank sample: first add various auxiliaries (without leveling agent) - add dyes - run according to the temperature and time of dyeing process.

2. Testing leveling agent: first add various auxiliaries - leveling agent - adding dyes - according to the temperature and time of dyeing process.

3. Drying yarn after normal dyeing treatment

Experimental evaluation

Method 1: Visual measurement was used to evaluate the internal and external color difference of cheese yarn adding leveling agent and without leveling agent.

Method 2: The yarns in the test tube were taken from home and abroad, and the color difference was measured by computer.

Note: This method can also be used to compare the levelness of different dyes!

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