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Hydrophilic Silicone Oil

Hydrophilic Silicone Oil

Definition of hydrophilic silicone oil

Hydrophilic silicone oil is generally introduced into the polysiloxane side chain, which can improve the hydrophilicity and antistatic properties of silicone oil. The modification of polyether , modified branching chain and the modification of the end base chain and the combination of the both.

Controlling the proportion and position of polyoxyethylene and polyoxypropylene in the polyether macromolecular chains can reach the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance. The integrity of the molecular chain has been destructed by the hydrophilic polysiloxane, which was modified by branched chain, with the result that the soft effect has been decreased. Using the method of end - based modification or block modification can obtain the products with good hydrophilicity and softness.

Features of hydrophilic silicone oil

Hydrophilic silicon oil is a kind of micro-size particles and none/ weak cationic amino silicon softener. It has good hydrophilic and auxiliaries compatibility. It has good shear stability, and improves the sewing quality of fabric, and it also meets the requirements of knitted fabrics, and provides good smoothness of the fibre, and give the fiber a soft and fluffy feel. It has a better washability. Although processed fabric soap wash 15 times , it does not turn yellow and change color, and also the style of the product is not affected. It has low yellow denaturation and excellent rubbing fastness. And it does not contain APEO, and has a good stability with no floating oil.

Hydrophilic silicone oil is a yellowish transparent oil. It is reactive silicone oil, and it is a new type of fabric discharge agent. It can be dissolved in water, used alone in the form of aqueous solution, and adds resin finishing work bath with finishing material, and the work bath is stable, no broken milk and no floating oil. All kinds of fabrics, such as polyester, nylon, cotton, polyester cotton, wool fabric of synthetic fibers and natural fibers , can significantly improve the fabric handle, antistatic property, hydrophilic, washability and stain resistance, nonionic.

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