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[ Printing auxiliaries ] Washing out floating color and staining resistance-- Soaping agent

[ Printing auxiliaries ] Washing out floating color and staining resistance-- Soaping agent

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With the improvement of dyeing, there are more and more kinds of printing color. Different colors appear in the printing process fabric. How to ensure no string color among kinds of color, not on the white cloth appear with color? Here will be used a fertilizer product -- with soap detergent, it is used in soaping process raise for floating color effect, and by dispersion, suspension, to dye complexion stop anti-off onto the fabric, so as to improve the soaping fastness and the generalization of purpose.

The development of soaping agent

1. First generation: Early surfactant soap Lotion (soap powder, AEO, SAS)

2. Second generation: Synthetic polymer Soap Lotion (poly (propylene, Ma Yi, maleicacid-fumaric acid-Acrylic acid.

3. Third generation: Adsorption type SOAP Lotion (polyethylene pyridine N-oxide)

4. Fourth generation: water-saving, energy-saving, environmental protection (similar to biological enzyme preparation) Type SOAP Lotion

The Equipment of Soaping Process

Overflow dyeing machine

Rinsing machine

The working principle of soap agent

1. The permeability function, reduce the interfacial tension: Soaping agent must penetrate the fixation of dyes and fibers, weaken their adhesion, make the floating color separation and fibers;

2. Complexion. Dispersion function: Make the dispersion of dye in water solution, exert its colloid properties of form stable suspension dispersion, and not to go back to stick to a fiber
3. Adsorption function: The affinity of the stain-resistant soap lotion and the floating dye is greater than the affinity of the fiber to the floating color, so that the dye in the residual liquid is not back on the fiber;
4. Net-washing function: Soap lotion by improving the water quality to improve the washing efficiency, so as to achieve the various fastness;
5. The use of special enzymes or compound, was used to decompose the floating color dye fixation, damage the hair base group, so as to fully remove the floating color;
6. Can also be used by mechanical action (ultrasonic or shock), that is not the dye from the fiber loss.

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