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Searching for More Matching Auxiliaries and Application Technology for Air-flow Dyeing Machine

Searching for More Matching Auxiliaries and Application Technology for Air-flow Dyeing Machine

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Air flow dyeing is a batch dyeing method for fabrics. It changes the traditional way of overflow dyeing to recycle the fabric by circulating the dye solution, but to circulate the fabric by circulating the air. Air flow dyeing machine has attracted wide attention of dyeing and printing factories because of its low bath ratio, high exchange frequency, environmental protection and energy saving. In recent years, more and more printing and dyeing plants have purchased airflow dyeing machines. At the China International Textile Machinery Exhibition held in Shanghai in October 2018, major manufacturers launched the latest technology of air flow dyeing machines, such as AIRJETWIN high temperature air flow dyeing machine of Hengtian Lixin Group. Intelligence and environmental protection of printing and dyeing machinery will become the main line of future development.

However, in our years of printing and dyeing technical services, we found that due to the lack of a unified and coordinated research and development process of dyeing materials, processes and equipment, many printing and dyeing factories still have a lot of problems in the process of using air dyeing machine, such as uneven dyeing, fabric damage, fabric wrinkles, poor color fastness and so on. In addition, a few enterprises with better application are in consideration of their own commercial interests, and are unwilling to exchange successful or better airflow dyeing process and corresponding auxiliaries using matching schemes, so that a considerable number of enterprises should be inexperienced. Some manufacturers apply traditional overflow dyeing process and auxiliaries, resulting in some new problems, such as long process time, narrow application of cloth, etc. Even some dyeing factories use air flow machine as traditional overflow dyeing machine.

In order to help and serve printing and dyeing factories to better use airflow dyeing machine and achieve real energy-saving and environmental protection, our company has developed and popularized more suitable auxiliaries and supporting application processes for airflow dyeing in the long-term research and application. Here, some products and processes will be shared and discussed with you.

Softening enzyme M1206
This product is a special biological enzyme, which can act on pectin and cellulose in cotton fiber at the same time. Therefore, it can be used for pectinase biorefining and wool polishing of cotton fibers. Enzymatic biorefining system can replace the traditional scouring process operated at high alkaline pH and high temperature. When dyeing in medium-dark color, the dyeing process can be directly followed up after treatment with softening enzyme M1206 without any other boiling treatment.

Operating parameters

technological parameter

The best range


5.5 -6.0

The dosage



60 °C×60min

80 °C×20min

This product matches the mechanical characteristics of the air flow dyeing machine, and the air flow drags the fabric to move. Bath high frequency spray fabric has the function of expansion and vibration at the same time, high speed decomposition of pectin, removal of other impurities on cotton fabric at the same time to achieve permanent finishing cellulose fiber fabric. The quality of the fabric can be improved by matching with the corresponding technological conditions to obtain a more fluffy and delicate feel. The product is polished in the embryo cloth stage and combined with pectinase biorefining process to ensure the production of high-quality products while saving a lot of water and energy and shortening the process time.

Refine penetrant JS
This product has excellent penetration, emulsification, dispersion and washing functions. It can quickly infiltrate NaOH and other chemicals into the fiber, it has full saponification, dissolution, expansion, extraction and other functions, can effectively remove impurities such as cottonseed shell. This product has strong alkali resistance and good applicability. It can be used in the cooking, bleaching and other processes of cellulose fiber and its blended fabrics.

Neutral polishing enzyme M1105
The development and application of neutral polishing enzyme can combine the polishing process and dyeing process into one. It can save time, water and energy while ensuring high quality products. The product M1105 can be well applied to the airflow dyeing machine, so that the fabric can be polished at the same time, maintain the strength of the fabric, reduce the weight loss of the fabric. This product is added at the beginning of the dyeing process after bleaching and deoxygenation. Before adding the product, first adjust the pH value and temperature of the dye bath, add the neutral polishing enzyme, and then operate for 10-20 minutes to make the effect uniform, and then add salt or dye for the dyeing process. The subsequent addition of alkali is the inactivation of the enzyme.

Degreaser HT251
This product is an environment-friendly compound of a variety of powerful emulsifiers. It is resistant to weak acid, alkali, electrolyte and hard water, and soluble in water. It has special effects on various oil stains and spandex oils adhering to chemical fibers and cotton fabrics. After a lot of application practice, this product is very trial-run with the mechanical characteristics of airflow dyeing machine process requirements.

In the application of the product, the foam is moderate, and when the airflow machine is low bath ratio, the cavitation problem is not easy to produce when the fabric and bath are running at high speed. At the same time, it is helpful to reduce the extrusion of fabrics in the storage tank, and it is not easy to produce creases. In addition, the oil removal and emulsification function of the product is balanced, which can make the fabric clean and avoid the contamination of the fabric and the cylinder block.

This product is a kind of multifunctional pretreatment and dyeing assistant developed by our company. It does not contain formaldehyde, does not contain APEO, does not contain harmful heavy metals, does not contain harmful carcinogenic substances to human body, and is easy to biodegrade, it is used in cooperation with air flow dyeing machine, can reflect the concept of green and environmental protection of health. The application practice shows that this product is suitable for polyester knitwear to be used in one bath of pre-treatment dyeing in the air flow dyeing machine. It has a good retarded dyeing and shifting dyeing effect on polyester and spandex fabric. The product itself has a good oil removal effect and can prevent oil contamination. The air flow dyeing machine with appropriate dyeing process can shorten the process flow, complete the pretreatment and dyeing in one step, and obtain pure color, which can improve the brightness of dyeing.
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