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Terpolymer Silicone Softener HT-357

Terpolymer Silicone Softener HT-357

[Brief information]

-- A brand new weakly cationic softener that can biodegrade without toxic or stimulation, which is a recognized green product.
-- A concentrated hydrophilic softener to replace softener flakes and organic silicone softener that can use for softening for various fibers.

[Main composition]
-- Aliphatic ester quaternaries.

[General properties]

-- Appearance: beige paste (20℃)
-- Ionicity: weakly cationic

[Properties and fields of application ]

-- Suitable for cotton, silk, wool, polyester, nylon and other fibres, as well as denim garments, washing fabrics, sweaters, towels.
-- Confers bulky, thick and hydrophilic properties to towel after treatment.
-- Extremely low yellowing that can use in softening for white and pale shade fabrics.
-- Low foam, low viscosity without tank sticking.
-- Extremely low shade change after softening.
-- Free of silicon to avoid emulsion breakage, but preserves extremely smooth.
-- Complies with environmental requirements and biodegradable.
-- Excellent hydrophilicity, softness, smoothness, anti-static and bulkiness.
-- Individual use or use with silicone softeners.


-- Dilutes HT357 in proportion of 1: 9 – 20 .If you want to get better effect, you could heat and dissoudre 357 first. Add 1/10 water by stirring it, and then repeat the operation .Finally, add the rest for stirring 5 – 10 minutes.
-- Dipping: 0.5 – 2.0 % (O.W.F), 30 – 45℃ × 15 – 30 min
-- Padding: 20 – 50 g/L, liquid retention: 60 – 80% and dries at 100℃
-- Specific process should be adjusted by testing.

[ Packing and storage ]

-- Packing: 125 kg/polyethylene drum
-- Storage: 6 months in cool and dry place with sealed packing

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