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Shearing Stable Silicone Softener HT-688

Shearing Stable Silicone Softener HT-688

As a high-grade hydrophilic softening agent, Silicone softener HT – 688B is a three component copolymer of silicone oil modified with quaternary ammonium salt. It is especially suitable for use in jet machine for its outstanding stability to alkali and high temperature condition. Silicone softener HT – 688B can impart the fabric with soft, smooth, full hand, and good hydrophilic properties, the performance more than domestic similar products level.

[Main composition]
Linear block ternary copolymerization organic silicon polymer.

[General properties]
Appearance: pale yellow to yellowish-brown liquid
Ionicity: nonionic
pH: 5~8
Solubility: soluble in water

[Product features]

1. The product structure is special, it is easy to dissolve in the water, has good compatibility and has excellent compatibility with textile auxiliary, can use with anion,cation and non-ionic textile product in a bath
2. Good chemical stability, Resistant to shear, acid-base(PH=3-12)high temperature, strong electrolyte,and high; safe and stable, no oil patch;
3. Soft, smooth and not greasy handle, approximately natural hand feeling;
4. Good hydrophilic, really solve the contradiction between hand feeling, hydrophilic properties and washing fastness;
5. low yellowing
6. Suitable for all kinds of processing equipment, high flexibility;
7. Suitable for all kinds of fibers and fabrics, especially for cotton fabric with optimum effect;
8. The fabric can be re-dyed for its good hydrophility, and avoid secondary pollution problem during re-dyeing.


Silicone softener HT – 688 is a high concentrated product, it should be diluted before applied to fabric’s post-treatment. It could be diluted with cold water, it is suggested the dilution ratio of silicone oil to water is around 1:9.
Procedures: add calculated Silicone softener HT – 688 to an agitator, then a small amount of water, switch on the power, add half of the residue water slowly during stirring, after running ten minutes, add the another half water and continuously stir for about ten minutes to get a transparent to translucent emulsion with blue light, stop stirring, filter and discharge.
Note: High concentrated product can be diluted 8-10 times.

1. Padding process:
dosage 20-50 g/L, pre-dry at120℃, stenter at 150-180℃for 50s.

2. Exhaustion process:
dosage 2-5% (o.w.f), 30-50℃for 20-30min, dewatering, drying 100℃。

Pleases find the suitable process through sample test.
The specific process pleases through the test sample discretionary adjustment.

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