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Soluble Silicone Oil 3012

Soluble Silicone Oil 3012

This product has soft and smooth handle, give excellent fabric of hydrophilicity, antistatic property and anti fouling resistance, greatly improve the fabric performance, especially suitable for polyester and cotton underwear, towels, wool blended fabric etc. soft finish. Can bathing with resin, no demulsification floating oil problem. Reduce the content of resin greatly, cost reduction and improve the economic benefit.

[Main composition]
Polyether modified poly dimethyl silicone

[General properties]

Appearance: pale yellow to light brown transparent liquid
PH value:6-8
Solubility: soluble in water
Effective constituent:100%
Stability: resistant to hard water, weakly acid, weak alkali

[Product features]

1. This product has stable aqueous solution and good compatibility. No demulsification and floating oil phenomenon, especially suitable for continuous padding process.
2. Made the fabric soft, smooth and plump handle, low effect to fabric color, can be used for light color fabric.
3. Give the fabric good hydrophilicity, hygroscopicity, permeability, make the fabric wearing comfortable, smooth, quick drying.
4. Has certain antistatic performance, anti-fouling, easy to wash and resistance to contamination etc, can be use as hygroscopic and sweat releasing finishing agent with the polyester multi-functional finishing agent
5. This product non-toxic, no corrosion, non-inflammable non-dangerous goods, do not contain the free formaldehyde, phosphorus compounds. Belong to environmental protection product.


Suitable for all kinds of natural fiber fabric, cotton fabric, polyester/cotton fabric, chemical fiber wool-like fabric and blended wool fabric post-processing, especially suitable for cotton, polyester/cotton of hydrophilic soft finishing, polyester wool-like and other wool fabric post-processing.
Application methods: reaction kettle or agitator is available, add water slowly, general diluents to 15-30%. Adopt to pad method or dipping method finishing process.

[Packaging and storage]
125 kg/polyethylene drum, sealed and stored in a cool place, quality guarantee period at least 6 months.


The data contained in this literature are based on our current knowledge and experience. It is imperative that it be tested to determine, to your satisfaction, whether it is suitable for your intended use and application. We shall not take any responsibility in any situation for improper use.

[Order MOQ]
Normally, order MOQ is 3 tons per model and we can offer lowest price with more quantity.

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