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What Methods Can Prevent the Amino Silicone Oil Causing Yellowing?

What Methods Can Prevent the Amino Silicone Oil Causing Yellowing?

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At present, the effective methods that can prevent the amino silicone oil causing yellowing are as follows:

(1)HT Fine chemical Co., Ltd introduce high sterically hindered secondary amine into PDMS, the softness and the yellowing of the fabric become improved compared with the biohydrogen group modified amino silicone oil.

(2)HT Fine chemical launch all kinds of oil agent with HT as the brand name, which improves the fabrics property in softness and yellowing.

(3)Silicone oil cyclamate possesses good anti-yellowing property.  Diallyl cyclamate and SiMB react under the catalyst platinum will produce cyclamate siloxane.

(4)Piperazine modified amino silicone oil is made by introducing the ring diamino into PDMS molecule, which will prevent the yellowing of fabric.

(5)The hydrosilation addition reaction process of polyhydrosiloxanes and α-olefine epoxy compound will produce epoxy silicone oil, which will react with organic amine ammonia and produce new tertiary amino modified silicone oil, which will improve the fabric yellowing.
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