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The Effect of Amino Silicone Fluid

The Effect of Amino Silicone Fluid

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The development history of amino silicone fluid can be traced back to the 1940s. As early as 1940, people tried to impregnate fabrics with dimethyl-dichlorosilane in order to obtain a certain waterproof effect. With the emergence and application of amino silicone fluid, its development in the past 50 years can be said to be very rapid. Especially the emergence of reactive and functional poly-siloxanes has made silicone softeners widely-used in fiber and fabric softening and finishing, spinning oil, hair conditioner and household detergent compounding.

The functional amino silicone fluid softener is a type of softener that has appeared and developed fastest in recent years. The main component is silicone oil modified by polyether group, epoxy group, alcohol hydroxyl group, sulfhydryl group, carboxyl group, phosphate ester group, amino or fluoroalkyl group. Because these groups can endow silicone fluid with new properties, it constitutes a third-generation silicone softener with special functions.

Ⅰ. What is the effect of amino silicone fluid? 

It can enhance the tear strength and wrinkle resistance of fabrics, improve the elasticity of fabrics, and resist washing and dry cleaning. It is easy to emulsify and can be made into stable microemulsion, which can make the fabrics a excellent soft, smooth and uniform hand feeling. Due to its excellent compounding properties, it can be compatible with most organic softeners and other textile auxiliaries. In the future, amino silicone fluid will have more and more functions with the development of technology and market demand.

The slippery ternary copolymer silicone fluid C021 is the latest research and development of a new linear ternary copolymer silicone, which has the most advanced silicone modification technology. To be specific, it is a polymer smoothing softener and is polymerized by siloxane, polyamine, and polyether. As a targeted product with outstanding fluffy performance, it can be used alone or in combination with cationic and non-ionic properties to meet customer specific requirements.

Ⅱ. Application of amino silicone fluid

1. Finishing of synthetic fiber yarns and fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool, polyester and acrylic in dyeing factories.

2. Soft finishing of denim, washed cloth, sweaters, etc. in the washing plant.

3. The knitted fabrics of the knitting factory are processed into fluffy and smooth shape, so that the fabric can be stretched to the required width and not easily deformed.

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