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How to Use the Amino Modified Silicone Oil in Fabric?

How to Use the Amino Modified Silicone Oil in Fabric?

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The amino silicone oil can be used to the soft finishing of different kinds of fabrics. It will make the fabric touch smooth and silk-like.

How the amino silicone oil makes the fabric soft? The reason is as follows: amino silicone oil microemulsion is transparent and stable. Because it is small and can penetrate into the fiber gap and distribute evenly on the surface of the fiber. The addition of silicon-containing polymers to polyester and other chemical fibers can significantly increase the hydrophilicity of the fibers and makes the fibers fluffy and soft.

And we will talk about how ammonia-modified silicones and other products are compounded and used in textiles.

1. Amino modified silicone and epoxy modified silicone compound and obtain softener, which can be used for synthetic fiber finishing. It can make the polyester fiber and polyacrylonitrile feather-like softness and smoothness. And makes the fiber durable, smooth and elastic, and it can reduce or avoid the yellowing occurs by the amino silicone oil alone. For natural fiber finishing, it can give the fiber fluffy and soft.

2. Amino silicone oil and carboxyl modified silicone oil are mixed using in fabric finishing to increase durability and no easy to fall off when washing. For processing high-speed sewing thread, it can reduce the friction coefficient of high-speed sewing, increase the high-temperature stability of sewing thread; If is used for soft wool fabric finishing, it can effectively enhance the adsorption of silicone on the fabric surface, thereby improving the washing resistance and wrinkle resistance.

3. Amino silicone emulsion uses in creating a non-ionic water emulsion and the soft finishing of fabrics. Non-ionic water emulsion mixed by amino silicone oil emulsion and platinum acid can make the finished fabric flame retardant and soft. The mass ratio of silicone oil to platinum is 1:50×10-6. It can achieve a good flame retardant effect. The modified silicone oil made inflaming ratarding softer modified with organic bromide containing vinyl or epoxy groups is very suitable for finishing polyester fibers. The flame retardant effect and soft effect of flaming ratarding softer made from mixed solution of amino silicone oil emulsion and phosphomonoester emulsion.

4. Finish the wool with compound amino silicone oil, the yarn reached the requirements of smooth, waxy and bright.

5. If we finish the fabrics with the compound of the amino silicone softener, high fat sodium quaternary ammonium salt, and fatty acid condensation, the fabric will feel soft.

6. Using amino silicone oil, fatty amide film and fluffy fullness agent as a compound to treat woolen sweater and woolen sweater will reach good effective. The addition of hydrophilic polymer and antistatic agent in soft finishing can improve the moisture absorption and antistatic properties of knitted fabric, and improve the wearability of fabrics.
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