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C6 Waterproof Agent HT-XM0604

C6 Waterproof Agent HT-XM0604

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Brief information:

HT-XM0604 is an environmentally friendly C6 waterproofing agent, without PFOA and PFOS. It is suitable for polyester, nylon, and other chemical fiber fabrics with high-cost-effective. Besides, it has excellent initial and washable waterproof performance, high stability of working fluid, and good processing continuity.

General properties:

Table 1 basic product indicators







yellowish white liquid


Weak cation

Easy soluble in water

Product stability:

Stability of temperature-resistant :

Take 100ml of HT-XM-0604 waterproof agent in 200ml transparent glass bottle, and place them at 45°C, 20°C and 5°C environment for a week to observe the phenomenon.

Table 2 Stability of temperature-resistant


Stability at 5°C

Stability at 20°C

Stability at 45°C


no delamination

no delamination

no delamination

Stability of shear-resistance :

The 50g/L working fluid of HT-XM-0604 waterproof agent was prepared and operated at high speed for 10min at 1000 rpm of a shear machine, and then the working fluid was filtered with a black cotton cloth to observe the phenomenon.

Table 3: Stability of shear- resistance


shear resistance stability



shear resistance stability

with good stability

It can be seen from table 2 and table 3 that the stability of HT-XM0604 in temperature resistance and shear resistance is good.


Application process and conditions

Recommended formula: the specific concentration depends on the treatment of different fibers and requirements.

The recommended concentration is as follows:

Initial stage of the chemical fiber: HT-XM0604 2.0-6.0%

Chemical fiber washability: HT-XM0604 3.0 ~ 8.0%

Crosslinking agent: 0.5-1.5%

Process: one dipping& padding → (150-180 ℃× 1-2min)

*The setting time and temperature are adjusted according to the type and weight of the treated fabric

1. Environmental protection products, waterproof finishing agent without PFOA (* detection limit below 5ppb)

2. The excellent waterproof property, which endows all kinds of fiber fabrics with excellent initial and durable waterproof properties.

3. The mechanical stability of the treatment bath is good and the operation problem is few.

Water proofing

Treatment conditions: (according to solid content comparison) waterproof agent 3%, one dipping & padding→ 170 ° C × 90 s

Evaluation method: AATCC-22 and AATCC-135 were used for durability washing.


Product performance:

  • Confers all kinds of fiber waterproof performance.

  • The working fluid is stable.

  • Slightly shade change on the treated fabric.

  • Good water rebound.

  • It has good compatibility with other finishing auxiliaries.


  • Please store it in a cool place to prevent qualitative change. Please use it as soon as possible after opening.

  • Please confirm product compatibility before use.

  • Generally, it has good compatibility with additives used in the finishing process, but the direct mixing of the original solution should be avoided when adjusting the liquid.

  • It can be combined with wetting agent, softener, antistatic agents, and other auxiliaries. Please adjust the PH value of the working fluid at about 5. Under the strong acid and alkali conditions, the waterproof and oil-proof effect will be affected. The working fluid should be prepared and used as soon as possible.

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