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After Finishing Process

After Finishing Process

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The after finishing process of knitted fabric is generally of two kinds, they are cylinder and slitting open-width.

The cylinder process mainly deal with the rib of the small round machine, cotton wool, sweat cloth and underwear products, and adopts the overfeeding humid size enlarging, the round net drying, the non-tension loose drying and the overfeed rolling light. Using the tapered preshrinking machine of separated supporting plate imported from FERRARO or SANTEX, the radial reduction rate can be controlled within 5%. However, there's a huge extrusion pressure exist between the cylinder tapered preshrinking machine's supporting plate and overfeeding wheel, dark color varieties of grey fabrics are more likely to get calendering marks, large diameter circular knitting machine product's skewing is difficult to deal with, etc., this aircraft can't satisfy the large diameter circular knitting machine grey fabric's quality requirements.

The after finishing process of the slitting stentering is more commonly applied at present, the grey fabric of the single and double-sided large diameter circular knitting machine, especially the grey fabric with the spandex fiber is arranged by the stentering setting process. Some factories in Zhejiang and Shandong province have already introduced the stentering tapered preshrinking machine, which can effectively solve the reduction rate of pure cotton knitted fabric and the problem of smooth surface. After stentering setting, the high quality effect of the medium and high-grade knitted fabrics can e shown off through the stentering overfeeding steaming blanket preshrinking, the hand feeling will be soft and glossy, the shrink rate can be controlled within 2%.


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