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Epoxy Silicone Softener T22BC

Epoxy Silicone Softener T22BC

This product is a new generation of organic silicon high-grade smooth type softener, can endow with at fabric excellent smooth and soft effect Suitable for cotton, hemp wool and other natural fiber and blended products or sewing thread. Can improve the fabric tear strength, excellent Good elasticity, improve blank sex, obviously improve the fabric can be sewing resistance, resistance to water and dry cleaning, to little effect on color.

[Main composition]
Organic silicon epoxy modified polymer emulsion

[General properties]

Appearance: milky white liquid
Ionicity: cation
PH: 5 ~ 7.5
Solubility: soluble in water
Stability: acid, alkali, electrolyte and solid water

[Product features]

This product performance is stable, can in any proportion dilution in water to form a stable finishing bath liquid, no floating oil; Can be sorted out with fabric has very good smooth, soft, elastic handle, non-yellowing, particularly suitable for knitted fabric/cotton fabric dyeing process. But with permanent press resin with bath use, improve the handle, greatly improve the tear strength.


Suitable for cotton, linen, wool, chemical fiber and yarn and fabric.

Suggested usage:
Can be applied to the impregnation method, pad method.
Amount of 1-5% (O.W.F) or 10 - g/L.
Bath temperature: room temperature soak time: twenty - 30 minutes of baking temperature: 100 ℃ until fabric dry so far
Note: to achieve the best application effect, please users with different equipment and fabric varieties process test, in order to choose the best process. If need and other additives when spelling, please make the different spell mixing process test, in order to achieve the purpose of ideal.

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