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List of Chemicals Used in Textile Industry

List of Chemicals Used in Textile Industry

  • Anti-precipitation Agent Why Anti-precipitation Agent is needed in Textile WashingDetergent is subject to many factors such as the cost, and currently the direct chain alkylbenzene sulfonate Sodium (las) is still typical form... view
  • Epoxy Silicone Softener Definition of Epoxy silicone softenerEpoxy silicone softener is the compound that introduces epoxy group to macromolecules of polysiloxanes. Because the molecular structure contains reactive epoxide g... view
  • Desizing Enzyme Definition of desizing enzymeDesizing enzymes, is a compound using of microbial fermentation of starch enzymes and other effective substances. Applied in the textile industry, it helps to decompose th... view
  • Biopolishing Enzymes Definition of Biopolishing EnzymesWith the increasing improvement of the quality and environmental requirements of textile products in modern society, the application of biopolishing enzymes as a natu... view
  • Antistatic Agent Mechanism Surface active agent can be absorbed directly in the surface of fabric. Hydrophilic group and associates with atmospheric water molecules and generates a continuous wet film on the fiber surface, whic... view
  • Antistatic Agent for Polyester The Problems Of Hydrophobic Synthetic Fiber Fabrics Such As Polyester1. The wearing comfort of the fabric is bad, and the feeling on wearing process will be stuffy and uncomfortable.2. The hydrophobic... view
  • Anti Creasing Agent Why would textiles be creased?Natural fibers are easy to be creased during the process of using which can be perceived as the results of external forces bending fibers and the fibers fail to restore a... view
  • Amino Silicone Oil Definition of Amino Silicone OilAmino silicone oil is that the amino introduced in the large molecule of polysiloxane. The introduction of amino not only makes the softening agent form a strong adsor... view

At HT Fine Chemicals, we produce all types of textile auxiliaries for fabric printing, dyeing, finishing and washing industry. Here for the purpose of better understanding and communication, in this category, we accumulate all necessary knowledge and experience related and share with you. Before you buy these chemicals, it's good to have a read. Here is a list of chemicals used in textile industry, and the main talked chemicals about textile pretreatment, dyeing, printing, finishing and washing process.

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